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Health Coaching

Personal guidance through detoxification and regeneration.

Meal Plan & Tips

A fully customized meal plan that is fitting your needs and schedule!

Juice Cleanse

Rest digestive system, hydrate, detox and give your body the chance to heal.

Herb Protocol

Powerful herb protocol that is helping your body to heal naturally.

Workout Program

A workout plan made for your specific body shape to target critical areas and improve strength.

Detox Retreats

Join us and learn all you need to know about detox while being fed the most delicious healing foods!

I am delighted to be able to share with you techniques I’ve learned over the years that have brought me health, strength and joy of living!

Why Do I Need A Health Coach?

The information available online is confusing and you don’t know where to start or you tried it all, but nothing worked.

Hire a professional to find your weak points and design a strategy to gently detox your body while promoting inner healing and restoring balance.

They’re the main factor in the healing process, fruits have strong cleansing properties, provide energy and vitamins, while vegetables provide building materials and minerals.They ease the digestion, so the body has more energy to heal itself.

Greens are necessary for rebuilding new tissues and strengthening the blood, while herbs help the body to work more efficiently and get rid of the toxins quickly. They both have valuable minerals and numerous phytochemicals.

Raw nuts and seeds are very dense foods and should be consumed in smaller quantities. They provide the body with healthy fats, they’re very rich in proteins and contain valuable nutrients including trace minerals. Soaking in water before use is necessary to remove enzyme inhibitors and ease the digestion.


Just one session with Amanda could be a milestone in changing your life forever
and setting yourself free from any human diseases and mental blockages!

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Motivational Story – My Incredible Transformation On A Raw Vegan Diet
Why Many Women After Giving Birth Experience Depression?

The problem is not emotional nature, it is purely chemical nature!

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1. Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Learn how to safely transition to a healthy plant based lifestyle. Which foods to eat to help your body to heal naturally, what to avoid? How to benefit from herbs?


2. Inspiration &

Guilt-free, mouth watering raw and vegan recipes which will open for you a new world full of possibilities! You crave cheese? Yogurt? Pasta? Pizza? We have them all!


3. Weight Loss & Getting Fit

Yes, the body you could only dream about is becoming a reality with no calorie restriction! And, it’s not just another marketing trick, this program brings results without ever having to be hungry!

4. Detox &

The holistic approach teaches us that body is one whole and everything is connected. All diseases are caused by accumulated toxic waste and they can be reversed by detoxing the body and giving it a chance to repair itself!

I have many successful clients behind me, but not everyone is confident to speak out about their troubles in the past and share their journey with unknown people. And that is alright. I fully guarantee the privacy of all the information that clients share with me. Read stories of some who were willing to share their experience and inspire others to embark on their own journey!

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Amanda Dusper is a certified Detox Specialist by teachings of the famous holistic healer, Dr. Morse, from Florida. She is also a certified Raw Foods Nutritionist and self-educated on other aspects of holistic healing including fasting, herbalism, additional detox protocols, natural hygiene, spirituality, tao exercises, fitness and areas of psychology and personal development. She has a great passion for health-related topics and educating others about the incredible healing powers of raw foods and helping them to reach their full potential through diet and lifestyle changes. Get in touch today and learn how you too can improve your health and wellbeing and become fully in control of your health!

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