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Your Detox, Nutrition And Mindset Coach. Hi, I am Amanda Krenn Let me introduce you to the world where everything is possible. Health. Strength. Joy. Beauty. Know More I am a Certified Detox Specialist, Raw Food Nutritionist, and The Mindset Coach. Inspiring you to reach your greatest potential. Know More Let me share with you the tools that
I found essential in my own recovery
There are so many theories that don't work Learn all the shortcuts and finally get the results! Know More

Thefruitweirdo - Certified Detoxification Specialist by Dr. Robert Morse

Amanda Krenn is a Certified Detoxification Specialist by Dr. Morse. She is also a certified Raw Foods Nutritionist and self-educated on other aspects of holistic healing including fasting, herbalism, additional detox protocols, natural hygiene, spirituality, fitness, and areas of psychology, brain reprogramming, and personal development.

Health Coaching

Personal guidance through deep detoxification and cellular regeneration.

Mindset Coaching

Learn to program the subconscious mind to achieve your goals effortlessly.

Meal Plan & Tips

A fully customized meal plan that is fitting your needs, desires, and schedule!

Juice Cleanse

Rest digestive system, hydrate, detox, and give your body the chance to heal!

Herb Protocol

A strategic herbal protocol that is supporting your body during detoxification.

Detox Retreats

Join us to learn all about detoxification and enjoy eating delicious healing foods


The purpose of deep detoxification is to remove the accumulated waste that is causing cellular acidity, starvation, mutation, and death. The main accent is on improving all the pathways of elimination and strengthening the endocrine system. Besides toxins that are coming from processed and denatured, highly acidic foods, poor food combining, stress, skincare, environment, and similar, cells are generating their own waste, as a byproduct of cell metabolism, which is also crucial to eliminate. Here comes the role of the lymphatic system, a ‘sewer system’ of the body, which is at the center of attention in detoxification.

+ Nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies are not only originating from restrictive diets and poor food choices but most often they are caused by improper digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination. The use of synthetic nutrients is not a solution, instead, it’s a burden to the liver and it’s often associated with a wide range of side-effects. The ionic plant minerals are 10,000 times smaller than inorganic minerals and therefore are much easier absorbed by the cells. The idea is to overflow the body with easy-to-use energy and bioavailable nutrients, from a varied, enzyme-rich diet, while cleaning up the mucus, acidity, and congestion and making it possible for the body to use those nutrients accordingly.

= Celular Regeneration

Alexis Carrel, a Nobel prize-winning French surgeon, has managed to keep alive a strain of embryonic chick heart fibroblasts for 34 years, starting from 17 January 1912! He made sure to regularly feed the cells and efficiently remove the waste, and he was able to drastically exceed the typical lifespan of these cells, and keep the cells alive indefinitely! This experiment indicates that cell degeneration and death come from the inability to receive the proper nutrition and the inability to efficiently remove the toxic waste. Focusing on improving circulation, detoxification and nutrition may result in lifespan extension.

After a lifetime of work with the germ theory, Pasteur himself, on his deathbed said: “I was wrong. The germ is nothing. The Terrain is everything.”

Healing is all about changing the inner terrain and restoring the balance, instead of treating every symptom separately.

My Before & After

Adrenal Fatigue

Anxiety / Depression

Weight Gain / Thinness

Thyroid Problems

Food Addictions

Chronic Pain

Brain Fog



Biofilm / Rope worms

Autoimmune Reactions

Headaches / Migraines


Acne / Rashes


Success Stories

100+ written testimonials from real people - see what clients are saying about working with me!

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Amanda Krenn is a certified Detox Specialist by teachings of the famous holistic healer, Dr. Morse, from Florida. She is also a certified Raw Foods Nutritionist and self-educated on other aspects of holistic healing including fasting, herbalism, additional detox protocols, natural hygiene, spirituality, fitness, and areas of psychology and personal development. She has a great passion for health-related topics and educating others about the incredible healing powers of raw foods and helping them to reach their full potential through diet and lifestyle changes. Get in touch today and learn how you too can improve your health and wellbeing and become fully in control of your health! For Enquiry: Please fill out a short form explaining your current situation and goals or contact us by email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. Office Hours : 08:00 – 20:00 Mon – Friday GTM +2

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