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Hi there! Welcome to my page! My name is Amanda and I am a Certified Detox Specialist and Raw Food Nutritionist.

What you will find here is a wholesome program for healing and balancing your body, mind, and soul through highly nutritious plant-based foods, herbs, lifestyle, and mindset changes.

I believe that our health directly depends on what we eat, drink, put on the skin, how much we move and how we think.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where is normal to eat dead, processed, synthetic foods and animal products loaded with chemicals, hormones, food enhancers, and preservatives. Our society is obsessed with bad food combinations which lead to fermentation and putrefying foods in our guts.

People are massively dying from cancers, tumors, and heart diseases. There is an epidemic of chronic diseases, and the medical community has no answer to this and instead of addressing the underlying causes, they are focusing on covering up the symptoms.

There are only 3 causes of all of the diseases, inner toxicity/congestion, deficiency, and genetic weakness, and in order to allow our body to restore balance and heal itself, it is necessary to consume a diet that will flood our body with nutrition and initiate detoxification and cellular regeneration.

We can live in pain and misery or we can come out of that cycle and set free, the choice is ours.

The body is very intelligent and the mechanisms it uses to protect you are truly remarkable. It always strives to bring back homeostasis and restore the balance, but too much toxic waste dumped into the body is preventing it from doing so. Removing toxic products from your diet and focusing on high raw plant-based foods, can initiate tremendous changes in your body, mind, and soul and make you feel reborn.

There are many people around the world, who gave it a try and experienced numerous benefits, from weight loss, improved digestion, no pain or inflammation, glowing skin, better mood, increased energy, better sleep, balanced hormones to healing chronic conditions, autoimmune disorders, degenerative diseases and much more!

After over 10 years of intense quest for true health, 7,5 years on the raw vegan lifestyle, and prestigious certifications in the area of holistic healing, I am delighted to share with you techniques I’ve learned over the years that have brought me health, strength, and joy of living!

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My Story

Few things in my life happened that eradicated my health completely, to the point that every medical test I took was wrong and doctors literally told me they can’t do anything, that my body is out of balance, destroying itself further with autoimmune attacks, and they don’t know know how to stop it.

I was born and grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they loaded us with expired date vaccination of all kinds (later they admitted this when epidemics started!), also had life treating car crash accident at the age of 16, and spent almost half year in hospital, wearing 5kg of titanium bars in my legs, and being pumped by loads of medication. This completely ruined my immune system. I also ate the worst trash ever, lived extremely stressful and felt suicidal most of the time.

What I didn’t know is that life could completely different and the choice is mine.

Now I’m an ambassador for the healthy raw vegan lifestyle, thriving and helping others to let go of the common beliefs and take their health to another level.

Things change. Our biggest weakness can become our biggest advantage. We touched the bottom and know how it feels. The way up is the only way out!

No, I don’t have any pain of any of the hundred bone fractures I had, although everyone said I’m gonna suffer for life! And before I was struggling for years and couldn’t stand aches all over my body.

Humans are limitless, but a bad diet is sucking the life out of us!

The disease is not the end, it a challenge, but it can also be the beginning of something big and powerful, of a new you!

Allow me to help you to find the underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness and to help you create a strategic plan for returning your body to balance and wellbeing.

I am a Certified Detox Specialist by teachings of Dr. Robert Morse and also Raw Foods Nutritionist, and I will use all the knowledge  I’ve collected on this decade long journey to help you get back on track and become the best version of yourself!

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My Approach

After a decade in holistic healing, entirely focused on mastering detoxification and healing my body and soul naturally, reading over a hundred books, numerous articles, and experimenting with all kinds of diets, supplements, herbs, fasting, and other healing modalities, it became clear to me that I want to dedicate my life sharing the message about incredible powers of living foods and limitless human potential!

Not only that I was able to put in control all the chronic symptoms that were making my life miserable, but I believe that I found the fountain of youth and vitality! After 7.5 years on a fruit-based raw vegan lifestyle for 7.5 years, I can only say that none of the parts of my body decayed, contrary all my weak areas have improved drastically!

Humans, the most sophisticated beings, that spend billions on researching health, are still suffering more than any other creatures, and that’s because we have distanced ourselves from nature and natural laws.

The body is one whole and the food you eat is becoming part of you. Unfortunately most foods today are not fitting human consumption, they’re overly processed, genetically modified, loaded with chemicals, preservatives, animal hormones, antibiotics, allergens, and many cancer-causing ingredients. These foods are acidifying to our bodies while causing the formation of mucus and pus, and they are the triggering factor for numerous diseases and inflammatory conditions.

My goal today is to encourage you to look from a different perspective to your problems and instead of human-made chemistry to choose foods from nature’s table.

The main accent is on initiating detoxification and opening pathways for the more efficient removal of accumulated waste.

It’s also about flooding the body with easily available ionic plant nutrition and living enzymes to address the deficiencies and energize tissues to support cellular regeneration.

Restoring proper glandular function and as well digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination is the key to success!

There are many incredible healers and visionaries who had an impact on shaping my perception of disease and how to regain true health naturally. Some of them, are: Dr. ND Robert Morse, Arnold Ehret, Boris Aronovic, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Andreas Moritz, Dr. Sebi, Theodore Baroody, Robert O. Young, Dr. Douglas Graham, Stephen Buhner, Anthony William, Herbert M. Shelton, Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D., Norman W. Walker, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Hulda Clark, Jacob Liberman, Yoshinori Ohsumi, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Bruce Lipton,  Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof, Masaru Emoto. 

The focus of the holistic approach is never on treating the symptoms, but on removing the potential causes in order to restore the balance and allow the body to regain health.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and herbs have everything your body needs to thrive!

And we don’t need to be perfect or turn our life upside down in order to experience benefits. Small positive habits count too!

My purpose is to educate you and inspire you to regain your life and tap into your greatness, by incorporating every healing modality that  I found essential in my own recovery.

Don’t forget that eating healthy is the most powerful act of self-love!

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My Diplomas & Certificates

Dr. Robert Morse Detoxification Specialist

Raw Food Nutritionist Diploma

Raw Food Nutritionist Diploma

Master’s Degree in Economics

Certificate Of Speaking by Jt Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach

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Amanda Dusper is a certified Detox Specialist by teachings of the famous holistic healer, Dr. Morse, from Florida. She is also a certified Raw Foods Nutritionist and self-educated on other aspects of holistic healing including fasting, herbalism, additional detox protocols, natural hygiene, spirituality, tao exercises, fitness and areas of psychology and personal development. She has a great passion for health-related topics and educating others about the incredible healing powers of raw foods and helping them to reach their full potential through diet and lifestyle changes. Get in touch today and learn how you too can improve your health and wellbeing and become fully in control of your health! For Enquiry: Please fill out a short form explaining your current situation and goals or contact us by email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. Office Hours : 08:00 – 20:00 Mon – Friday GTM +2

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