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Day 50 On A Juice Fast, Conclusions

Day 50 On A Juice Fast, Conclusions

For 50 long days, I’ve been consuming nothing but fresh juices and herbs, and I’ve lost only 3kg in total!

I’m obviously not doing a juice fast for weight loss, cause I started from what I believe was my ideal weight.

But unwanted weight loss is a small price to pay considering all the benefits that come from the cleanse.🤷

On the juice fast, the body is getting rid of everything that is not well made. I didn’t lose much weight, because I didn’t have much junk to get rid of in the first place, but many people could lose 10-15kg in 50 days easily. 🤩

But, don’t do a long juice fast for weight loss, if you don’t plan to have long-term dietary and lifestyle changes, otherwise, the weight will come back as soon as you come back to the foods that created it in the first place!

Instead, use a juice fast as a tool to get rid of old junk in your trunk, parasitic load, and mucoid plaque. Decrease bowel transition time and improve elimination. 🐍 💩

Then your new healthy habits will be more stable and possibly permanent.

But, I’m not done with my juice fast yet! I have my last theory to test, so I’m going for 60 days!💪

Then 2 weeks of a fat-free raw vegan diet to ease out gradually, and re-establish a healthy microbiome, before I start with the rebuilding phase!🥦 🥑

I hope my posts inspire you in some way to take better care of yourself and work on your healing 🥰


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