Having Teeth Pain When Eating Fruits?

Find out the real cause of teeth sensitivity and how to reverse it!

I’ve been seeing over and over again that people don’t have a clue what is causing their teeth sensitivity. Always the same things are popping up like fruits have too strong acids or too much sugar, citrus fruits should be avoided, the problem could be eating unripe fruits…

Although unripe fruits can really be harsh on the teeth enamel, fruit acids from completely ripe fruits in their natural state are actually helping to clean and scrub the teeth and unlike any other cooked fatty foods, fruits don’t stick to your teeth so they don’t create environment desirable for harmful bacteria.

The real reason behind the teeth sensitivity is that the majority of people are suffering from of fermentation and acidity in their guts. Let me explain.

Eating fruits together with other foods, especially with high-fat cooked meals, make fruits to ferment in the presence of bacteria and create enormous amounts of acidity in the system.

This especially happens with people with weak adrenal glands, who find it hard to digest barely anything. Or when people are constipated or have deposits of gluten in their bowels, mucus, parasites or side ‘pockets’ which are rotting inside.

Even in raw meals, mixing fruits and fats is really a bad idea and will cause again turning fruit sugars to highly toxic alcohols inside of our bodies.

So, when fermentation occurs, a huge amount of acidity is created and the body is not able to neutralize it. Stomach acid is climbing up and changing ph of saliva from alkaline to acid and teeth and gums start literally melting in this environment so they become depleted, weak and extremely sensitive. This is when the sensation of cold and hot is causing intense pain. The same happens with fruits. So before blaming ‘the messenger’, address the cause of the problem.

Everything in the body is connected and nothing is separate, so to reverse this process, eat low-fat raw alkaline diet and clean your guts regularly. This will clear up the deposits of decaying matter from your guts and enable proper digestion, restore balance and eventually your body’s energy will be used in repairing damaged areas including teeth, making them stronger and remineralized.

It is also crucial to follow the rules of proper food combination and to have 3-5 hours break in between the meals.

Also, start incorporating green juices and fresh green salads in your diet to alkalize your system and get a variety of minerals and valuable phytochemicals.

If you want an instant fix, you need to clean your bowels to remove strong acids present in the system. You can schedule a colon therapy or do series of enemas till the belly is completely flat and teeth pain usually disappears immediately! This is obviously not for everyone, but I’m mentioning it cause I want you to understand how closely everything is body is connected!

What are your thoughts? Does the teeth pain prevent you from eating fruits?

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