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My Opinion On Food Intolerances

My Opinion On Food Intolerances

For those of you who can’t handle any fats without uncomfortable symptoms, it’s easy to conclude that fats are bad, right?!

But what if I told you that I had the worst possible reactions from simply eating oranges, pineapples, figs, organic strawberries, dates, carrots, celery, spinach, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, etc.

Would you also conclude that those are bad too?! 🤔

I don’t think so.

If your liver is congested, you will have food intolerances, POINT. I know this 100% because, with each liver flush I performed, my tolerance to foods changed instantly! I did them originally in 2016. For example, I couldn’t eat a peach, 24 hours after the flush, no reactions to peaches! None of the books ever mentioned that!

Also congested liver very soon leads to the clogged lymphatic system, which is at the same time your immune system, so here it comes so-called autoimmune disease including many food intolerances and chemical sensitivities.

8. 5 years when I started with fruits, I could eat just a few different fruits, and nothing else, without symptoms and severe autoimmune response, which included leg edema/swelling, water retention, bloating, gas, horrible bone pain, body stiffness, stiff neck, painful shoulder, inflamed gums, and painful teeth, acid reflux, choking feeling in my throat (diagnosed thyroid nodules), my hair would get all clumped up and couldn’t brush it out, and my emotions were all over the place from depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, crying, suicidal emotions, nightmares, etc.

So being a fruitarian and living on a couple of different fruits wasn’t my personal choice, IT WAS MY ONLY OPTION. 🤷‍♀️

But I managed to reverse 99% of all my food intolerances, by constantly working on my liver, my lymphatic system and by eliminating large amounts of parasites!

Today I can eat all the foods above I mentioned that were my biggest food intolerances.

Did detox help you to reverse your food intolerances?


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