This is a PRE-MADE 7-DAY MEAL PLAN, that would fit the majority of the people that are suffering from some kind of chronic or autoimmune illness. The focus is on detoxification, lowering inflammation and pain, restoring gut health, and correcting the immune system.

There are simple but super delicious recipes that will change your relationship with food and transform your health!

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Since we all have a bit different caloric requirements, I explain how to adjust this plan to your exact needs and turn it into the perfect tool for reaching your health and wellness goal.

By following the plan, you will learn how much foods you need to intake to reach your body’s requirements, how to structure your diet, when to eat certain foods, and how to properly combine foods. By repeating this meal plan several times and implementing your own recipes and ideas, while keeping the same structure, you will be able to create the healthy habits that will serve you for life!

This booklet contains 35 pages of my most valuable information that will make you successful on this journey! It as B COMPLETE GUIDE TO YOUR REGENERATIVE DETOXIFICATION AND NUTRITION!

It also includes a detailed nutrition report, to check your calories and daily reach of all major macronutrients and micronutrients. Recipes contain no imagery, but it has daily menus and the instructions are simple and clear.

All the most important rules are already applied, so you can set your mind free. It is very beautiful, creative and I’m sure it will blow your mind with the quality!

*Pre-made PDF plans are available for download instantly after the purchase!