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Reverse Edema /Swelling Of The Feet, Legs, Face & Hands

Reverse Edema /Swelling Of The Feet, Legs, Face & Hands

Not only that being swollen and carrying extra pounds of water retention is not attractive, but it is also an indication of serious congestion, and it will further contribute to the development of more serious symptoms and diseases.

Imagine that every cell of your body is like a little organism, it has to eat, work, and then it has its byproducts – metabolic waste.

Since cells can’t move, they have to be ‘served’ to maintain their function. Blood will bring energy and nutrients to the cell, and after the cell metabolizes and performs its function, ‘the pee and the poo’ of the cell will be picked up by the lymphatic system – a sewer system of the body.

When the body for prolonged time has to deal with loads of acidic toxic waste, which comes from an inadequate diet and daily toxin exposure, radiation, stress, trauma, negative emotions, etc., the major elimination organs become overburdened and the body becomes unable to process and eliminate the toxins.

 And then we start to suffer from frequent colds, infections, inflammations, pains and aches, fatigue, skin issues, brain fog, weight gain, but also swelling and edema in our feet, legs, hands, face.

Water retention is the indication that cellular waste is getting stuck inside of the lymphatic system and it is not properly eliminated.

Because that toxic waste is severely acidic, and can potentially burn and damage the cells, the body starts retaining water to dilute the percentage of acidity. Not pretty, I know but better swollen than dead.

Here are other potential causes of edema or swelling, that are again related to the congested lymphatic system:

 ✔️Kidney weakness or failure

✔️Liver damage or cirrhosis

✔️Underactive thyroid gland

✔️Low adrenal glands

✔️Leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease

✔️Food intolerances and allergies

✔️Parasites/ Candida/ Biofilms / Rope worms or something else.

I had all of the above, and I suffered from leg and feet edema for over a decade, after my car crash and wearing 5kg of titanium, and 266 bars in my legs. I visited many specialists trying to find a cure, wore compressed stockings, put my legs up all day long, slept with legs lifted, tried all the drugs that commercials advertise, and NOTHING HELPED!

 Then I went to a fruitarian raw vegan diet and deeply detoxified my body and cleaned all cellular waste, toxins, and parasites, and that allowed my body to regenerate organs, glands, and tissues and swelling has completely disappeared for good!

 It was never the car accident, it was the trauma that damaged my adrenal glands, the 26 years of daily toxic damage to my cells, my guts, my organs, and my glands and made me prone to parasites.

 Beauty can be faked, no question about that, but decaying bodies will constantly show new signs that people mask this or that way. Don’t mask the problems, expose, them, face them, and detox them!

 It is the only way of true healing and incredible strength and vitality.

Plus a healthy body and the most incredible vehicle for your happy brilliant mind.

 You deserve to live this life to its fullest, the health is the way to go, heal yourself!


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