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Health Coaching

I am certified Detox Specialist by Dr. Morse, and my program is focused around deep tissue detoxification and cellular regeneration, but also combines different approaches and tools that I found to be efficient in restoring balace and allowing the body to heal itself.

The focus of the holistic approach is never on treating the symptoms, but instead, my goal is to educate you about your body, possible underlying root causes of your problems and to help you uncover diet, lifestyle and mindset changes that are doable for your specific situation and that will give you results.

Mindset Coaching

Did you ever wonder why it’s so hard for you to change your habits, despite putting so much effort, while others are making it happen effortlessly?

The secret lies in the subconscious programming that roots back to childhood conditioning or deep emotional traumas that are imprinted deeply in our minds. The way we experience reality, the way we think about ourselves, and the way we act, is determined by our subconscious mind.

Science shows that only 5 % of our daily actions are performed consciously, while 95% of everything we do is done automatically, without us being fully aware of it.

Although changing lifelong habits sounds like a mission impossible, some tools can help you reprogram your subconscious mind and completely set free of limiting beliefs that were preventing you from success.

Once you understand that In certain conditions, your brain becomes highly suggestible and it can be efficiently reshaped by applying powerful tools and repetitive behavior, everything is possible. This phenomenon in science is called neuroplasticity.

“It’s not just about losing the weight; it’s about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there.” – Steve Maraboli

Our limiting belief is what is standing between desire and success.

Mindset reprogramming is an important tool in achieving any goal in life and, it’s usually included in my Health coaching packages.

Get a holistic approach to your problem that incorporates the newest discoveries in the fields of neuroscience with detoxification protocols, to remove emotional and physical blockages that are preventing you from having your best life!

Meal Plan

There is too much confusing information out there and you wish if someone would just give you the right instructions to stick with?

Don’t worry, I am here to help. Depending on your goals and how determined you are, personalized diet plans are created to fully satisfy your needs and make the transition smooth and easy.

Some people are fairly healthy and just want to make small positive changes, while others are struggling for life and are willing to do all it takes to save themselves! Some are malnourished while eating huge amounts of calories, while others are overweight while eating just a bit. We are all a bit different, have different goals and preferences, so pre-made meal plans might not work for you!

If you don’t have too many special requirements, just want to start as soon as possible and save the money, you can instead immediately download my pre-made meal plan!

Before we get into this, I usually ask my clients to fill a detailed questionnaire and have a conversation with them, to see what they expect and how badly they’re willing to try to get there.

Customized Meal Plan will make sure you’re getting enough of nutrients and calories, enjoying delicious recipes while losing fat and water retention, or even gaining lean muscles!

What makes people healthy and successful is not perfection, but motivation and persistence, so start now and watch your progress day by day!

Juice Clense

Juice cleanses are done for different reasons, weight loss, detoxification, or gut healing, but also as a part of a spiritual journey and self-discovery.

I believe that juice fast, along with a well-designed herbal protocol can be an excellent tool to remove huge amounts of uneliminated waste, biofilms/mucoid plaque, candida, parasites, and the like, while drastically speeding up the recovery time!

I recently completed my 60 days juice fast, and in the past I did 21 days on juice, and many smaller ones. And all I can say is that it is absolutely worth every effort!

Every fast is different and it should be designed to meet your specific personal needs while keeping you nourished and balanced.

Let me know about your goals and preferences and I will design one for you to detox safely and fluently and accomplish incredible benefits!

But, f you join some of my 1:1 coaching programs , I can teach you all that is necessary, including my recently finalized Signature Biofilm Disruption Protocol (exclusive to my coaching clients), and herbal protocol according to Dr. Robert Morse, to maximize the benefits, while minimizing detox symptoms and pitfalls!

14 – Week Herb Protocol

Herbs play a great role in healing and preventing diseases, they are supporting organs and glands to ease elimination and protecting your body from autotoxication, they are nutrient dense and contain valuable phytochemicals and trace minerals.

The adequate knowledge of proper combining and use of herbs is necessary in order to experience benefits. Using random herb combos on your own, not only that might not be effective, but it can also be dangerous.

If you already know which herbs to order, you can support me buying through my links.

For the clients that are fully dedicated to undergoing deep detoxification and cellular regeneration, I write 14-Week Herb Protocol that step by step works on different areas in the body and strengthening it.

Personal Retreat

Allow me to give you one on one attention & take you on an unforgettable transformational journey to unlock the infinite potential that dwells within you! This One-On-One Detox Retreat gives you the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and to focus on deep healing of your body and mind.

The purpose of this retreat is to supercharge you with life-changing information on natural healing through detoxification, with hands on demonstration tutorials and various healing techniques that apply to your particular case and that will transform your perception and provide you an unforgettable wellness experience! A private retreat is different from a group retreat because you receive direction & guidance in a much more intimate, personalized, focused way. Your retreat will provide the greatest return possible on the total investment you’re making for your own growth and well-being.

Detoxification Retreat

Come and join us for a life-changing experience at Prestige Health Retreats! The upcoming Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Retreat will be held 18-23 June 2023 in the wonderful villa in the area of Trogir.


On my mission to spread the word about veganism and raw food healing through detoxification and cellular regeneration, which I learned from Dr. Robert Morse on International School of Detoxification and by reading numerous books,  I am open to different kinds of collaboration.  I love working with companies that share the same vision and I am always open to reach more people. Due to my personal ethics and passion for what I do, I always strive to provide the value beyond expected.

Some of the ways you can hire me for:

  • Workshops & Education
  • Public Speech
  • Hosting Retreats
  • Sponsorship Contents

Workshops & Education

I do plan to organize many workshops by myself, on topics of detoxification and healing through diet and lifestyle changes, raw food preparation and storing,  gourmet raw preparation classes, creating meal plans, doing juice cleanses, emotional healing, mindset change, spiritual awakening, The law of attraction and the like.  But if you are looking for someone with the experience to conduct these kinds of workshops, I’d be more than honored to work for you.

Public Speech

f there is something that I am good at, that is speaking about the benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle.

Living the high fruit-based raw vegan lifestyle for years with tremendous success, reading numerous books and studies on these topics and being able to heal me naturally from serious conditions, makes me a great ambassador for healthy raw vegan living.

I am also a Certified Detox Specialist by Dr. Morse and learned and experimented quite a lot with detoxification and cleaning a great lymphatic system with fruits, berries and melons, herbs, fasting, lifestyle, and mindset changes.

I am also a Certified Raw Nutritionist and have learned and created numerous raw recipes, from low fat, keto raw, gourmet raw, dehydrated dishes and the like. I find this is important to motivate people to transition while making their journey more enjoyable and fun.

My English is completely fluent, I’ve been living in Ireland for years, so if you are looking for someone with a passion for this lifestyle, who walks the talk, I’d be happy to conduct a public speech for your audience!

Sponsorship Contents

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If you have a product that you would like me to promote, please contact me through my email so we can discuss the details. Please note that I am only interested in promoting products that bring value to my readers and customers.

If you have some other ideas for collaboration or freelance work, please write me an email with details so we can discuss it.

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