Success Stories

I have many successful clients behind me, but not everyone is confident to speak out about their troubles in past and share their journey with unknown people. And that is alright. I fully guarantee privacy of all information that clients share with me. Read stories of some who were willing to share their experience and inspire others to embark on their own journey!

Rudi Krenn

Rudi Krenn, Austria, Lost 8 kg, healed face, chest and back acne, depression, sleep problems, built muscle

Suzana Sab

Cleared up acne, improved energy and mood, eliminated headaches, stomach and muscle pain

Oliver C.

Lost 12 kg in 3,5 months without calorie restriction, feeling happier, getting back confidence!

Dolores Klaric, Sweden

Improved immune system, reduced PMS symptoms, feels much better

Beth G. in Oregon USA

Beth G. in Oregon USA, Inspired on her journey in healing symptoms of lyme disease.

Renata Kattel, Croatia

Recommendation from an author of several raw food books

Kristina Poudyal, Austria

Inspired by Amanda’s knowledge on natural healing and detoxification

Anna C., USA

Healed urinary infections, improved mood, sleep, energy, and clearing up brain fog