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Alyson S., US

Alyson S., USA

When I found Amanda, I had been looking to just be healthier.  I wasn’t sick, I was healthy, but knew I could be healthier.  I had been eating a plant-based for a year and my period had just skipped for the 3rd month in a row.  This was my wake up call.  I needed help to do the plant based diet appropriately.  Because clearly at 33 years old, I didn’t know how to do the plant based diet properly coming from an American diet.   I wanted to be plant based for my health.  I read the book called “The Blue Zones” and watched the movie called Game Changers. I followed some of the protocols from the Medical Medium.  I saw the benefits of a plant based diet.  In the Blue Zones Book people who eat a plant based diet are living happy ACTIVE lives over 100 years old.  Not just one or two people but larger numbers of people in specific communities around the world.  These four very different cultures and communities had one big thing thing in common: a plant based diet.  There is a big difference from living to be a 100 years old with no quality of life and living a happy active lifestyle over a 100.  I don’t even know if I want to live to be 100 but I do desire to have a good quality of life right up until the last moment.

I had other odd symptoms that mainstream medicine could not seem to help me with. Some of these symptoms I didn’t realize could be important or related.  I had dizziness, unexplained dizzy spells. First thing in the morning while driving my car.  Why was it always first thing in the morning?  Why while driving my car?  Flash forward to our sessions and Amanda connected those dots.  Amanda solved that puzzle for me.  What did it have to do with not having tonsils or adenoids?  Amanda explained it all.  Amanda is like a high class detective.  Amanda is wonderful at looking at you as a whole person.   Amanda gets to the root cause of your problems. I knew my dizzy spells were not in my ears or my eyes, it was in my head, the dizziness was coming from my head. I no longer have these dizzy spells, Amanda gave me the tools I needed to solve that problem.

Other annoying symptoms were: I woke up all night to go to the bathroom.  I couldn’t sweat.  I wasn’t using the bathroom to move my bowels with any sort of regularity.  Maybe 1 time every three days.  Painful periods. Sensitivities to gluten, dairy, soy, corn etc. Odd little things that had always bothered me but wouldn’t go away.  My doctors never seemed to address them.  My digestion was never regular, my whole life I struggled with this.  Amanda helped me address all of it.   I am on track to a happier life and making many small changes that are adding up quickly.  Within a week of making adjustments I already felt better.  Would you guess the white coating on my tongue in the morning could be related to my stomach swelling after meals?  Would you guess that the weird wart on my foot could be related to the spine?

This is Amanda’s zone of genius.  We all have one, this is Amanda’s: the well being of humans.  How to own and operate your body to thrive, living your best life to the fullest expression.  If you have a bunch of unexplained odd symptoms Amanda is your coach.  Amanda will help you regain your quality of life so it is optimal.  Amanda gave me so much hope to heal.  Amanda also doesn’t just look a the body, she can also help you with your mind and positive outlook.  I was amazed by the diversity and range of Amanda’s knowledge. I know when to eat, what to eat, I feel happy and satisfied.  Knowledge is power. I don’t feel sad or unsatisfied by food.  Amanda will give you the courage and the strength to make those new choices. As a coach Amanda never judges you.  Amanda is there for you with compassion.  Amanda will help to make the changes that you are ready to make.  Amanda is kind and loving.  She will help you from where you are now,  to where you want to go.  I followed Amanda for a long time on Instagram account before I reached out to have a free 15 minute consultation.  I asked her if she could help me get my periods back to a normal cycle and if we could eat vegetables.  She said yes to both, and I was IN.  I am so glad I made that call.  Get ready for your best self.  Take lots of notes.

With Love

Alyson S. Age: 33 USA

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