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Fernanda Pacificony, New York

Fernanda Pacificony, New York

Amanda was my wake-up call.

I knew that my diet was far from good and I have so many different weird symptoms that feeling unwell became my new normal.

I’m always procrastinating, kicking my changes as far as I can, into a future that I don’t even know if I’m gonna reach.

But for once in my life, once, I decided to try something that sounded a big Miracle for a no believer.

A clean, mostly fruit-based lifestyle…

The first week I noticed that my daily close friend “ Stomach Burn” decided that was time to leave me be.

The second week the itching all over my body went somewhere that I couldn’t touch.

The third week, I wasn’t craving sweets at all, my energy was steady and my mind was working “Drama-Free”.

My army of candida probably decided that this war wasn’t worth it and vanished.

Fourth Week, My abdomen was negative and people could notice how skinny I got.

No bloating no more…

The funny fact is that my awkward curves were sponsored by high inflammatory Foods. Not good.

I was feeling happier, lighter, and calmer.

The thing it is, it is not easy, my body felt the difference and wherever is living inside of me is using all possible strategies to keep their environment safe.

It can be though…

And doesn’t matter how hard it is, I won’t give up, if I fall I will just stand up and start again, cause I’m not being a slave of food anymore.

I’m sick of feeling sick.

Thanks, Amanda for sharing your experience with me.

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