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Stephanie Charbonneau, Texas

Stephanie Charbonneau, Texas

The Fruit Weirdo (Amanda) was such a blessing in my detox experience. I had been working briefly with another detox specialist who wasn’t no where near helpful and cost quite a bit of money.

After questioning this detox path, I came across The Fruit Weirdo (Amanda)  and became inspired. I reached out to her and explained the situation. Without questioning, she provided me detailed information on how she can support me.

I leaped into the experience a little bit nervous due to my previous experience, but I listened attentively to Amanda and was stunned at how much information she was able to share. Although it was detailed, I was able to understand, because she took the time to answer my questions. As knowledgeable as she was, I felt I made the right choice.

During the experience, she always responded to me, showed up on all appointments, organized, and provided me so much resources, tips, and wisdom I feel I could not have gotten anywhere else.

I am still on my journey and will have more time to go, but I enjoyed working with her.

She is a soft kind hearted soul with so much insight and wisdom about healing the body inside and out.

I have taken the time to refer my friends to her, because she is that good.

I highly recommend her to everyone along this detox journey.

I will book again in the future with her.

Her prices are affordable, she is humble, and is always expanding her wisdom and knowledge.

She doesn’t just talk the talk, she shows by example by diving into her own detoxes when she feels ready.

She is an earth angel!

Thank you for being there, supporting me, and encouraging me.

Detox can be challenging so be sure to choose a good coach.

Amanda ( The Fruit Weirdo) is the absolute best! I can honestly say she has changed my life.



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